Fees | The Psychology Company
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As a practice, each Psychologist and Psychotherapist set their own fees in accordance with the type of work, the frequency of sessions and their level of experience.

As a guide, the fees for an individual therapy hour (50 or 60 minutes depending on who you work with) range from £90 to £130. Some Psychologists and Psychotherapists may offer a couple of appointments at a significantly reduced fee but please note these appointments are often in high demand. If you are able to pay a higher fee then please consider doing so as this enables us to offer a sliding scale to less privileged clients and we thank you greatly for that.

The fee you will pay will be agreed between you and your clinician following an initial assessment. Some of our Psychologists and Psychotherapists are covered by private health insurance and are charged at a separate rate.

All fees are payable directly to our Psychologists.

For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.