Child Psychotherapist | David Winter
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David Winter

David Winter

David Winter

Child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
I am a registered Child Psychotherapist offering face-to-face and online therapy.

Children and Adolescents Mental Health. Parent/Child and family work from birth to age 25. Depression, anxiety, low mood, Anorexia, Self-Harm, Early Trauma and attachment work, Adoption, Bereavement. I also work with neurodiversity and offer Autism assessments using the ADOS.


Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and family work


Petersfield & Online

Online Therapy


I am a Child Psychotherapist specialising in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. I have thirty years experience and work with children, adolescents and their families. I have worked in a multi-disciplinary CAMHS team in Portsmouth and in the Charitable sector in London.

I work with a range of Mental Health difficulties ranging from low mood and relationship problems to self- harm and Anorexia and suicidal ideation. I do parent/infant work and family work and parent work. I work with children who are diagnosed with ADHD and Autism.

My Experience

Over the last thirty years I have studied at the Tavistock Centre and Regents College, completing the seven year Doctoral level training in Child Psychotherapy. I also completed an Adult Existential Psychotherapy training. I worked for ten years at The Place To Be and Kids Company charities as a therapist and Mental Health worker, working in a multi disciplinary team with very deprived children and
Adolescents. I then moved to Petersfield and for the past twenty years have worked in CAMHS and in Private Practice.

In my work I assess and treat infants, adolescents and young people and work with their parents, carers and the networks surrounding them. As a Child Psychotherapist, I help clients understand themselves better through the relationship that develops within the therapeutic context. Problems
identified in this relationship often shed light on relationships with otehrs in the outside world. Through the relationship with the therapist the child is able to communicate their most troubling thoughts and feelings in words rather than through action. As a result they are likely to feel less anxious and form
stronger relationships.

My Training

M.A Psychoanalysis 1998- Tavistock Clinic, London

Advanced Diploma Existential Psychotherapy 2002 Regents College, London

Doctoral training Child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy 2011

ADOS training Great Ormond Street Hospital 2012

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