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Therapy For Personality Disorders In Haywards Heath


We can help with assessment Personality Disorder treatment in our clinic in Haywards Heath or on-line.


The term personality disorder could be a contentious one however essentially refers to a broad pattern of difficulties that ar persistent over time, problematic (for both the person and sometimes for relatives/friends) and pervasive (e.g. impact on variety of various areas of a person’s life as an example sense of self, relationships, work etc).


We spend the time at the start to know the issues being experienced and so tailor an approach to assist cope with symptoms of a Personality Disorder Haywards Heath


There are a number of options available of Personality Disorders treatment. Our Psychologists would discuss the best form of treatment for you but two of the most commonly used are:

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)   and   Schema Therapy

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Treating Psychologists

Justine Pulver

Justine Pulver

Consultant Forensic Psychologist

Justine Pulver is a Consultant Psychologist working from our Haywards Heath practice in West Sussex. Ms Pulver is trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Schema Therapy and can also offer online therapy via Skype if preferred.

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