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Relationship Therapy In Haywards Heath

Relationship and Interpersonal Problems-the-psychology-company

While we don’t work with couples, we will provide support with Relationship Therapy and interpersonal problems in our clinic in Haywards Heath.


Relationship and social issues are often one of the foremost vital aspects of a person’s life, be they with family, friends or colleagues. issues in relationships are often terribly distressing, and recurrent negative patterns within relationships will cause feelings of frustration, despair, loneliness and isolation.


Factors contributing to relationship difficulties are usually multi-faceted and sophisticated. Our Psychologists spend time in the initial assessment understanding what’s driving relationship difficulties and so tailor the therapy approach to fit your needs. Relationship Therapy Haywards Heath

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Treating Psychologists

Justine Pulver

Justine Pulver

Consultant Forensic Psychologist

Justine Pulver is a Consultant Psychologist working from our Haywards Heath practice in West Sussex. Ms Pulver is trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Schema Therapy and can also offer online therapy via Skype if preferred.

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