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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) In Hampshire

Dialectical means not being black and white but seeing multiple truths-some people find this very hard and can be quite extreme in their thinking and their behaviour. Dialectical behaviour therapy seeks to help people find the ‘middle way’ or synthesis in order to develop more balanced thinking and behaviour. Dr Olivia Thrift explains Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and how it can help in the video opposite.


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Hampshire


Whilst we do not offer ‘full package Dialectical Behaviour Therapy’ (which comprises group and individual sessions) most of the Psychologist in the practice are experienced DBT therapists and as such can bring elements of this approach into their work. Our experienced DBT therapists offer Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in both the Petersfield and Portsmouth clinics in Hampshire. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Hampshire

How can Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Help?


Research indicates that DBT can be effective in helping people who have difficulty coping with their emotions or distress and/or struggle to find stability (within themselves and within their relationships). Some people, through no fault of there own, might be temperamentally predisposed to experience strong emotions (just like some people feel the cold more than others or are more sensitive to smells) and if we have this sort of temperament we might have experienced criticism or invalidation which has not helped us learn to regulate or cope with our feelings. We may have also experienced difficult or traumatic life events that leave us vulnerable to emotions like fear, sadness, despair, hopelessness and anger.


DBT is a skills based behavioural treatment that can give people techniques to regulate their emotions and reduce self destructive patterns of behaviour.

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