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Humanistic Therapy In Surrey

Humanistic Therapy | Humanistic Therapy In Surrey | The Psychology Company

We offer Humanistic Therapy at our Surrey clinic in Godalming (near Guildford). We can also offer Humanistic Therapy online as well if necessary.


What is Humanistic Therapy


Humanistic approaches include person centred therapy, gestalt, transactional analysis and existential therapy. Humanistic therapies are centred on the belief that the person has it within themselves to develop inner resources to become psychologically healthy. Carl Rogers, the founder of person-centred therapy, called this the actualising tendency. Humanistic therapy works to understand what experiences may have blocked or limited the tendency towards growth, which may include aversive or traumatic experiences as well as conditions of worth placed upon us by others.


Humanistic therapy aims to resolve discrepancies within the self to free the person to move forward. Therapy involves exploration, to create understanding of the self. Humanistic Therapy Surrey is particularly helpful for people wanting to improve general well-being.

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