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Coronavirus Resources

Psychological Therapies | Coronavirus Resources | The Psychology Company

All of us at The Psychology Company want to acknowledge the impact Covid-19 is having on people both physically and psychologically. Our thoughts and hearts are with everyone across the world.


It has been inspiring to see the plethora of free resources being made available to help people through this difficult time. We have put together a selection of these below with links to websites. These resources have been developed to help with mental health, parenting, fear & anxiety, developing resilience through compassion and mindfulness as well as links to support services.


We hope that you find these helpful.

Advice for Mental Health and Wellbeing during the Coronavirus pandemic:

Insight Timer Covid Resources 

Building Resilience to Deal with Hard Times: A Toolkit for Accessing Our Natural Resources 

Coronavirus: How to Protect Your Mental Health

Coronavirus and Your Wellbeing

Mental Health and Psychosocial Considerations During COVID-19 Outbreak

Psychological Impacts of Coronavirus

Scientific Paper looking at the Psychological Impact of Quarantine and how to Reduce it. 

Train Your Brain: Tips and Practices for Disruption and Isolation

‘FACE COVID’; a set of practical steps for responding effectively to the Corona crisis, using the principles of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

Series of Talks by Prof. Paul Gilbert, Pioneer of Compassion Focused Therapy, on How Compassion Can Help During Times of Heightened Anxiety and Uncertainty

Be Nurtured by Nature

The Science of Helping Out

Strategies to Help You Feel Better During Covid-19

Free Online Course on The Science of Wellbeing (starting Nov 4th)

An Online Course Designed by the University of Reading to Help Young People Manage Low Mood and Depression During Covid-19


Working with Fear & Anxiety:


Rick Hanson Podcast on Fear and Coronavirus

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown: Anxiety, Calm + Over/Under Functioning

Living with Worry and Anxiety Amidst Global Uncertainty

Why Fear is Infectious and a Brain Hack to Break the Coronavirus Anxiety Cycle (or any Worry Habit)

Anxiety and Staying Mentally Healthy for Older Adults

Working with Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus Anxiety: How to Cope if You’re Feeling Anxious about the Outbreak

60 second Anxiety Hack

Meditation to Calm the Anxious Mind 

Meditation to Help you Feel as Safe as you Reasonably Can

The 3 Minute Self Compassion Break

Soothing Rhythm Breathing

Webinar with Deidre Faye; 3 Ways to Calm Stress and Anxiety During Uncertain Times 


Working with Irritation, Frustration and Boredom:


Being Well Podcast; Working with Anger Skillfully

Ted Talk: Anger, Compassion and What It Means to be Strong by Russell Kolts

A Practical Skill for Defusing Anger by Marsha Linehan

YouTube Clip: How to Deal with Anger and Anger Management Tips

The 60 Second STOP skill

RAIN on Blame: A Guided Meditation with Tara Brach

The 20 Minute Angry Workout!

Six Tips for Coping with Boredom

How to Overcome Boredom and Add Spice To Your Life 


Coping with Loneliness:


How to Cope With Loneliness During the Coronavirus Pandemic

How to Cope With Living Alone in Self Isolation

MIND: Understanding and Overcoming Loneliness

The Help Hub – Live Chat Support in the UK for those Feeling Alone and Isolated


Grief and Loss:


Grief and Covid 19: Mourning our Bygone Lives

Coping With Quarantine: Being Well Podcast Exploring the Sadness and Loss of Being Separated from Things we Love (amongst other topics) 

Grieving the Losses of Coronavirus

That Discomfort Your Feeling is Grief

Why Losing a Job Deserves It’s Own Grieving Process

Grief and Fear After a Covid-19 Death: Managing a Double Trauma

Processing Grief During a Pandemic 

Podcast: Why We Are All Grieving and How to Deal With it

Cruise – Support Dealing with Grief and Bereavement


Ways of Reducing Intense Emotion:


A Technique to Reduce Very Intense Emotion

DBT Crisis Survival Skills Part One 

DBT Crisis Survival Skills Part Two

DBT Crisis Survival Skills Part Three

DBT Self Soothing Skills


Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) and The Coronavirus


National Autistic Society: Information and Support During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Coping with the Uncertainty of Coronavirus

Coronavirus Rules Relaxed for People with Autism 

ASD and the Coronavirus; Resources for Families

The World After Coronavirus and How it Might Benefit People With Autism

Webinar from the American Psychological Association on Caring for Children and Adolescents During Covid 19

A Booklet Full Of Information on How to Support Individuals with Autism Through Uncertain Times


Resources for Parents:

Helping Young People Understand Big but Normal Feelings in Response to Covid 19

An Online Course Designed by the University of Reading to Help Young People Manage Low Mood and Depression During Covid-19

How to Talk to Children about Coronavirus

Helping Kids Express Emotions 

Talking to Children About Illness

How to Calm Kids Intense Emotions and Challenging Behaviours During Covid

Helping Children Overcome their Isolation Worries

Helping Kids Make Sense of their Emotions during Coronavirus 

Headtalks – How to Cope with your Family’s Isolation

The Child Mind Institute; Supporting Families During Covid 19

Tips for Nurturing and Protecting Children at Home

Supporting Teenagers and Young Adults During the Coronavirus Crisis

Podcast; Parenting in a Pandemic with Susan Kaiser Greenland 

Therapy Chat: Helping Children Self-Regulate During A Crisis with January Roberts

Six Ways to Help Children Cope with Lockdown Loss

Playful Games/Exercises to Play with Children to Help Build Empathy 

Breath Magic for Kids: Calming Practices for Kids and Teens

Cosmic kids Yoga


Developing Resilience Through Self Compassion and Mindfulness Meditation:

Insight Timer Covid Resources 

A Free 4 day Online Course to Help Grow Steadiness, Kindness and Resilience by Tara Brach, Joseph Goldstein and Rick Hanson

10 Self Compassion Practices to Help You Cope with the Coronavirus Pandemic by Chris Germer and Kristin Neff

Discover the Power of Self-Compassion – 3 free video sessions

Sam Harris Waking Up: Meditating in an Emergency

Resilience in Challenging Times, a Care Package From the Sounds True Community

Livestream Meditations from Leading US Teachers 

Pandemic Care Resources, Tara Brach

Series of 40 Short Videos on Mindfulness in Times of Covid-19

Mindfulness Self-Care for Troubling Times

Practice During The Pandemic. An Online Guided Meditation and Talk with Mark Coleman

Free Half Day ‘At Home’ Mindfulness Retreat with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach

9 Mindfulness Attitudes to Support you in your Daily Life and/or your Formal Meditation Practice

A Compassion Exercise for Wellbeing and Ease At Times of Difficulties



Free Online Yoga Classes

45 minute Vinyasa Flow Class from the NHS

The 30 day Yoga Quarantine Challenge with Tim

Home Yoga: Stress Less Flow with Annie Clarke

Gentle Yoga for Beginners: At Home Yoga For Challenging Times

Yoga for Loneliness with Adriene

Yoga for After Disaster with Adriene

A Variety of Trauma Informed Yoga Videos by Parkside Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic

Still Point Online: A 6 day a Week Programme (broadcast from UK) including Ashtanga Yoga Postures, Restorative Yoga, Breathing Techniques, Mindfulness, Chanting and a Saturday Afternoon Workshop. Unlimited pass for £30 a week.

Cosmic kids Yoga


Breathing Practices:


Soothing Rhythm Breathing

Rise, Crest and Fall 

Breathwork in Times of Stress

Breathwork for Anxiety and Other Difficulties

Strategies (Including breathing Techniques) to Help You Feel Better During Covid-19

A Breath Practice To Transform Anxiety and Panic


Improving Sleep:


NHS Advice on How to Get to Sleep

How to Sleep Better: 5 Steps for Better Rest by Michael J. Breus, Clinical Psychologist and Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine.

How To Sleep Better: 24 Tips From 24 people

The Sleep Foundation: What is Sleep Hygiene

Psychology Today Article: Magnesium and Sleep.

Mat Walker, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and Founder and Director of the Center for Human Sleep Science

The Sleep Foundation: Food and Drink that Promote a Good Night’s Sleep

Jennifer Piercy: Yoga Nidra For Sleep

Deep Sleep Recording with Andrew Johnson

5 Minute Soothing Sleep Meditation

Calm App: Sleep Stories for Adults (7 day free trial, then requires subscription to CALM).

10 day Course: Your Guide to Deeper Sleep by Jennifer Piercy (7 day free trial then requires subscription to Insight Timer)

Headspace Meditation for Sleep (free trial then requires subscription to Headspace)

Book: End The Insomnia Struggle

End The Insomnia Struggle Free Accessories Including Audio Files and Worksheets

The Sleep School Insomnia App

Sleepio Sleep Improvement App


Podcast Episodes Related to Covid 19:


Rick Hanson Podcast on Fear and Coronavirus

Rick Hanson Podcast on Coping with Quarantine

Feeling Good Podcast: Corona Cast 1: Honouring Your Angst

Sam Harris Waking Up: Meditating in an Emergency

Psychologists Off The Clock: Mental Health & Covid-19 with Dr. Robyn Walser

Psychologists Off The Clock: Work, Parenting, and Partnership Collide During Quarantine

Therapy Chat: Support For Coping During An Outbreak

Therapy Chat: Helping Children Self-Regulate During A Crisis with January Roberts

Parenting in a Pandemic with Susan Kaiser Greenland 

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown: Anxiety, Calm + Over/Under Functioning

The One You Feed: Special Episode: Crisis Strategies for Mental and Emotional Health

Therapist Uncensored: Mental Health Support During this Damn Coronavirus Pandemic

Ten Percent Happier: Why We Are All Grieving and How to Deal With it

Mindfulness & Breathing Apps:


Insight Timer

Smiling Mind

Stop, Breathe & Think



Coherence Heart Trainer (You’ll need a device to track your heart rate e.g. Polar 7)

Heart Rate Pro


Support Services for Domestic Abuse:


Covid 19 and Support for Victims of Domestic Abuse

Refuge: Support for Women and Children of Domestic Abuse

National Domestic Violence Hotline


Alcohol Support:


Online Resources for Alcohol Addiction Recovery During the Coronavirus

Alcohol Change UK

Try Dry: The App to Help You Cut Down

Adfam: Improving Life for Families Affected by Drugs and Alcohol

Support for People whose life Is Being Affected by Someone Else’s Drinking 

Support for Family, Friends and Partners Affected by Someone Else’s Alcohol or Drug Use


Support for Frontline Staff:


1st Contact: Traumatic Stress Relief (Remotely) for Frontline Staff


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