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What is Solution Focused Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy - The Psychology Company

What is Solution Focused Therapy

What is solution-focused therapy?

As the name implies, SFT is a goal-orientated, future-focused therapy which focuses on the future rather than the past. Solution-
focused therapy is a short-term, evidence based therapeutic approach that incorporates principles of positive psychology which focuses on building strengths and working on solutions to problems. Whilst for some it can be very helpful to understand how our past impacts on how we show up in our lives now as adults for others focusing on the future feels more motivating. This form of therapy has continued to grow in popularity since it was originally introduced by De Shazer and Kim Berg in the 1970’s and it can be helpful for a variety of issues including anxiety,
self-esteem, depression and people coping with changes in life.

Solution-focused therapy is a practical, short term, goal-driven model and when you work with a solution focused therapist you develop clear, realistic and concise goals together that you then work towards during therapy. Throughout the therapy the focus is consistently on improving your wellbeing and health instead of focusing on ‘problems’. A Solution Focused therapist directs conversations towards developing and achieving envisioned solutions. During a session the therapist will ask varied questions, gaining understanding of and helping you recognise your situation,
strengths and inner resources.

It is a compassionate and non-judgemental approach and its focus on building a more meaningful than looking at your past is shared by other therapies including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). We have several Psychologists within the practice who are trained in Solution Focused Therapy and ACT so if you are interested in this approach then they can talk to you more about it to see if this could be a good fit for you!