Mindful Parenting Styles | The Psychology Company
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Mindful Parenting Styles

| Mindful Parenting Styles | The Psychology Company

Mindful Parenting Styles

Parenting can be one of the most rewarding life experiences, and it can pose it’s own collection of challenges. With parenting being one of the foundational factors for mental well-being, for both the parent and parented, it pays to think carefully, reflect and adapt our parenting styles.

This weekend, join tens of thousands of other parents, professionals, researchers, and authors sharing the science of parenting at the free online Happily Parenting Conference.

Some of the topics being discussed include:

  • Expert advice to guide your child to make friends, stay motivated, do their best and yet feel loved by you no matter what
  • How to use connection and understanding to help your child manage their feelings and behaviors (rather than threats or bribes)
  • How to develop healthy boundaries and when to let things slide

More details can be found here.

Written by Dr. Olivia Thrift – registered Counselling Psychologist and founder of The Psychology Company.